Omaha Beach – Normandy, France

This would have been a good post for Veterans’ Day a few weeks back, but I’ve been lagging in the blogging department lately. Trying to catch up now in the last few weeks of my overseas assignment, to get all the travel updates and weekend getaways posted before we head back to California in December. Anyway.. a while back, Minh and I had a free weekend and decided to try something different and take the ferry over to Normandy. We spent a day around Omaha Beach – checking out the museum, the beach and memorial, the American Cemetery, and Pointe du Hoc.

I can’t say much about this visit, except that I’m so happy that we did it. It was really amazing to see all the artifacts collected from the war, the videos from survivors and radio clips and newspaper articles, and just stand on the beach or in the battlements where so many soldiers sacrificed their lives for the freedom of people many thousands of miles from their home. It really was pretty amazing and I would definitely recommend a few days in Normandy for anyone who is planning a European trip.

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