Happy 2015 Everyone!

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks moving back to California and readjusting to actually living here, rather than just visiting for a few weeks. Add that to Christmas festivities, getting together with friends and family here in California and from places far, and the fact that I’ve been terribly sick with the worst kind of (congested, coughing, headache) cold since Christmas… It’s just been crazy. In other news… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! For our first big home project since getting back, we built a small deck in our backyard and moved our firepit onto it:

Being true to ourselves, and with no desire to go deaf at the clubs or squashed in a crowd, we stayed in this year and had a bonfire in the backyard.. on our NEW DECK! My bestfriend and her family came over and we kept it super low key, which is how we like it.

Here are some pictures of the deck coming together. I had my doubts at first, but in the end, it actually adds a lot to the homey feel of our backyard.

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