{tran eats} STACKED – Huntington Beach, CA

Minh and I have been watching the building progress of STACKED: Food Well Built in Huntington Beach over the course of the last year. It has finally opened, and while I couldn’t indulge in the large menu of adult beverages, we did get s good sampling of what they had to offer.

The bar is also fully stocked, and they have a good assortment of adult milkshakes and craft beers. We weren’t able to fit in dessert (build your own bread pudding or ice cream sundaes), but will definitely have to save room for that next time. (And an adult milkshakes once this baby is out!)


The nice thing about STACKED is that everything on their menu is totally customizable, and so easy using the iPad provided at each table. So you can start with a standard menu item, and add/delete/swap ingredients to your liking. You also order through the iPad, and can add more things to your order as you crave it. Don’t worry though, there are still waiters floating around to help you out or take your order the more traditional way. And then at the end of your meal, you can pay and split checks (by item or percentage) right in the iPad. Nice, right?

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