{tran sews} Baby Bloomers

I must confess that I have a slight problem.. and that problem is that I am obsessed with cute baby clothes. And do you even know how much cute baby clothes there is out there for little girls??? Everyday I discover a new small brand that has the most adorable bloomers or rompers or accessories.. it’s RIDICULOUS!

Since I have yet to plant a money tree in my backyard, I’ve been saving the shops links and following users on Instagram to get inspiration for future sewing projects. First starting off with the basics, before I jump into the frilly, lacy, sequinsy embellishments. (And yes, I may not be a girly-girl, and I don’t want to box my daughter in as a girly-girl.. but ruffled butts?? How can I pass that up?)

Which finally brings me to today’s project… The Perfect Diaper + Nappy Cover by Dana Made It. I had a spare fat quarter from a Spoonflower sale a few months back. The pattern is Birds in Acanthus Leaves, printed on Basic Cotton Ultra. On one fat quarter, I was able to squeeze in one diaper cover in size 0-3 months (per her free pattern).


(Sorry only one picture, since I didn’t take any while I was putting it together, and I don’t have a little model yet).

I had some trial and error issues with the seam allowances, and fabric bunching oddly, but overall I’m happy with this first pair of bloomers. They are a bit larger than some other RTW 0-3 months bloomers that already have, so maybe this is more like 3-6 months.. but still wearable at some point. With a little more practice, I’ll be able to whip these up in no time.. including all the frills and ruffles!

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