{get outside} Camping Weekend at Silverwood Lake SRA

Minh and I have been meaning to go out camping since we got the van last November. But.. lots of things going on and busy weekends that have prevented us from actually getting out there. We finally had a free weekend and decided to take the van out to Silverwood Lake SRA.

This is obviously not real camping, since we slept in the van and mostly just hung out around the campsite, but it was still nice to get out and away from the city. And even though we didn’t do much except nap and eat and walk around a little bit, it was still a very fun weekend.

We were amazed at how low the water level was for the lake.. it’s actually pretty sad. We were able to walk to the middle of the lake.. when we should have been swimming. Granted, it was a bit muddy, but the fact that we made it halfway across is a testament of how bad the drought is here in California. (NOTE: We didn’t actually make it to the main part of the lake, but went to the little offshoot on the southern part of the lake).

We’re already hoping to get out more while I can still handle it.. and hopefully fairly soon after the baby comes. Hoping to get a lot more use out of the van!

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