{plant it} Succulent Propagation – Trial 1

Succulent Propagation.. please don't fail me!

Succulent Propagation.. please don’t fail me!

Confession, this is not my first foray in succulent propagation, but it IS this first one that I’m posting here on the blog. I’ve had a few trials and errors with succulent propagation, and just repotting from the plastic store pot to a nicer pot at home…. with probably an equal amount of successes and failures. The most successful of these is probably our front door rain barrel, which has thrived from day one.

The not so successful of these are the ones that I planted in smaller pots, that just got too much sun, or not enough sun, or too much water, or not enough water, or were too crowded.. I’m not even sure anymore. Some of the plants shown below (from repotting in August 2015) have survived pretty well, while others are just shells of their former selves.

First repotting of these plants in August 2015

First repotting of these plants in August 2015

This latest attempt is from cuttings and leaves taken from the front door rain barrel. Some of the plants were starting to get a little “leggy”, so I trimmed back three of them and harvested the leaves. I ended up with more leaves than I had shallow trays for, so I still have a few handfuls that need to get started. But I got some small succulent mandalas out of it.

The flower tips I just stuck in some “pots” I had purchased from the local Salvation Army. And everything got a good spritz of water for good measure. Right now they are all at the front door (in our new IKEA plant stand). Hopefully this provides the right amount of indirect sunlight for these to thrive (and revive the ones that were starting to look a little sad). We’ll check back in with these in a few months to see how their doing.

Anyone have good tips on succulent propagation – especially for those that don’t have tons of time to spend on care?

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