Weekend Recap: Nice Laptop Bag

This past weekend wasn’t that exciting, but there were a few things that I wanted to post about… So here goes the Weekend Recap

Parking Lot Spin Class

Saturday morning, I volunteered to help out with the Santiago Canyon Time Trial. It’s pretty funny, because the parking lot of the Rock’n’Road Mission Viejo store literally looks like a spin class. All the time-trialists have their trainers set-up next to their cars and are spinning away for a warm-up. It’s pretty funny.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a parking lot spin class..

I was stationed by the tunnel that goes under El Toro. It was pretty cool to see all the racers go by.. there’s a good hill coming up to the tunnel, so they weren’t going very fast. Since I was on course-marshall duty, though, I didn’t get a chance to snap any photos. This would be a good race to help gauge your fitness level throughout the year, since they do several of these each season. The record is 24 minutes and 20 seconds (26 minutes and 6 seconds for the women’s) and has stood for several years now. The course is about 11 miles.. so that averages out to just over 27 mph!!! That’s FAST!

What Happend to All my Gears?

While I was helping out with the race, Minh was out riding his singlespeed up Santiago Truck Trail to the flag pole and then back. I met up with him later and we rode (both of us on singlespeeds) Whiting Ranch and Santiago Truck Trail (again for him.. but not all the way up to the flag pole). It was HOT and it was HARD being on the singlespeed. Mine has 53/20 gearing, Minh’s got 52/20. I was dying.. and we weren’t even out for that long. It’s probably also a result of not having been on a mountain bike since Over the Hump. My upper arms were sore too, since I was on a rigid.. I’ve never felt my arms vibrate so much.

About halfway to the flagpole.. I'm not going any further...

Nice Laptop Bag

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. Had dinner with my cousin who was visiting from out of town. Got my first round of Thanksgiving grocery shopping done (non-perishables and goods that will last at least two weeks). Picked up a “new” used trailer to haul bikes and stuff. Killed time reading magazines at Barnes&Noble. Then the Team Velosport end of the year banquet. Minh and I got lost on the way down, but at least we weren’t late. It was a pretty good time and the best part was that Minh won this Oakley laptop bag at the end of the night.

Nice Laptop BAG!!!

But guess what was INSIDE the laptop bag…

It's like unwrapping a PRESENT!

THAT’S RIGHT!!! Minh (and I) won a new 16 GB WiFi iPad (!!!!).

YAY!!! New toy for TRAN!!!

I stayed up late last night trying to get it started up (had to install new iTunes on my laptop) and then trying to pick out what Apps I wanted. First things I downloaded was the All Recipes and Angry Birds apps. I accidentally downloaded the Angry Birds for iPhone.. so then I had to download the HD version for iPad.. at least the first one was only $0.99.

Debating downloading the Martha Stewart Cookie App, but it’s $7.99 and I JUST bought the 2010 Holiday Cookies magazine for $7… what to do?? The App looks so cool…

What are your favorite iPad apps? Any suggestions on what you can absolutely NOT live without?

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