Best Part of a Office Christmas: POTLUCKS!!

Christmas is upon us!!! The week before Christmas is one of the best times at work. Essentially, it’s a week-long potluck of cookies and chili/soup and ham and cheese & crackers and candy and other good food. And the food is out pretty much all day, so there’s a lot of eating going on at work (stretching the stomach out for the Holiday feasts at home). Here’s what I brought it for the week-long work potluck..

Day 1: Rainbow Broken Glass Jello, Spicy Chocolate Cookies, Chewy Gingerbread Cookies.

Pretty colors!

Recipe from The Food Librarian – hers turned out much prettier than mine. Probably because I didn’t take the time to cut it into nice bite-sized pieces

This is what's left of the 6 dozen cookies I made for work

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies Recipe from Martha Stewart 2010 Holiday Cookies Magazine

Pretty much a perfect looking cookie (one of the few)

Chewy Gingerbread Cookies Recipe from Guilty Kitchen

Day 2: Cheese Ball Three Ways: (1) Cheddar-Apricot with Dried Cranberries, (2) Goat Cheese and Scallions, (3) Gorgonzola Walnut

mmm.. cheese balls...

Recipe from Martha Stewart

Day 3: “Idle Hands” Bars (or PB Nanaimo Bars)

Didn't turn out as pretty.. but still tasted delicious!

Recipe from Guilty Kitchen

and MORE Rainbow Broken Glass Jello, but cut up nicely this time.

Like edible "abstract" stained glass... YUM!

The nicely cut up pieces of jell-o were pretty when I packed them up the night before, but didn’t survive the trek to work (sliding around.. I guess I didn’t pack it tightly enough, and should have probably used foil cups rather than paper ones)… but it was still delicious.

Day 3 of Christmas Potlucks was also our White Elephant Gift Exchange at work. I came with a useful work lamp from OSH and went home with this…

Season 1 of DEXTER!

Guess what I’ll be watching while spinning on the trainer or running on the treadmill?

Day 4: NADA

I didn’t have time to make anything for Day 4.. but there was still plenty of food to go around. Plus, our management made their annual breakfast burrito feast for our facility (all 500 of us)… YUM!

And lastly.. here’s a shot of my FAVORITE Christmas tree this year:

Where Christmas bicycle presents go to die... (image taken from somewhere on the internet)

This green beauty is on display at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia. So PRETTY!!


Oh.. and sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures. Minh has BOTH cameras (the point-and-shoot and the Nikon) in his possession.. so I’ve had to resort to the camera phone.

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