Race Report: Big Rock Triathlon

Minh and I headed out to Lake Perris SRA (State Recreational Area) for the Big Rock Triathlon on Saturday. We headed out Friday night for some camping so that we wouldn’t have to get up SUPER early on Saturday to make it to the race.

FUN FUN FUN... sitting in traffic..

"Late-night" Race Check-in

Our only sources of light (for the night)..

Big Rock was my “first” olympic distance triathlon last year. Technically, I didn’t finish that first time because I only did one lap on the swim because I felt like I wouldn’t survive a second lap. I came into this race knowing what was in store for me: a smooth 2-loop swim, a fairly easy bike with one big hill, and a relatively flat run across the damn and back to the start. I also came into the race with low expectations on my performance because of my training (or lack of training) in preparation for this race. It’s nearing the end of the season, and although I didn’t do THAT many races this year, I was obviously feeling burnt out from the training and finding excuses left and right to get out of it. The goal was to finish and to perhaps do a bit better than the year previous.

Stats from LAST YEAR:
Swim – 22:28 (only one lap.. double it and I would have been LAST out of the water)
T1 – 8:41 (super LONG because of approximate .25 jog from the water to transition)
Bike – 1:27:24 (not a bad bike split)
T2 – 1:58
Run – 1:05:38 (not a horrible 10k)

I had A LOT of time to kill before the start.. so I hit the bathroom about 4 times and walked down to the water to check it out before the start of the race.

Lake was glassy smooth.. like swimming in a pool..

SWIM WAS GREAT!!! The water was SO warm.. around mid- to lo- 70s. And the water was smooth and glassy. Like swimming in the pool, but not too hot that a wetsuit was unbearable. Visibility in the water was worse than the ocean, but that wasn’t a problem. I think I probably kept a better pace than I usually do during practice, but that was to my advantage. Tried my best to find feet to follow, but always ended up overtaking the feet I was behind.

Good swim.. followed by a rather mediocre transition..

T1 was slow, again.. mainly because of the jog/walk from the beach to transition. I had a stitch, so I couldn’t jog the whole thing. Wish I did, because I came out of the water the SAME TIME as 2nd place, but her T1 was 2 minutes faster than mine.

The bike was a little slower than I had hoped for. There’s a small hill near the start to get over, and because I hadn’t been on my bike in a while, I wasn’t strong as I had hoped. There was also road construction on Ramona Expressway (part of the bike course), so I couldn’t go as fast as I would have like through there (needed to be extra careful to stay in the coned-off bike area). The hill was good, though. My pace may have slowed to a crawl, but I made it up.. perhaps faster than last year. Then the nice long DOWNHILL back to transition. I passed maybe 20 people on the bike. I wish I had gone 2 minutes faster though.. because the girl in 2nd had a nearly identical bike split (and she only started 2 minutes ahead of me).

That dude's about to get PASSED!!

Bike Leg: 2 loops of relatively painless spinning..

T2 was fast. Just swapped shoes and took a gel and water. I didn’t wear gloves on the bike, so there was no worry that I would forget to take those off.. I almost forgot to take off my helmet, but remembered to put on my visor… haha.

Ready or not.. heading out for a long run across the dam...

The run was.. weird. My legs wanted a quick turnover because they were used to being on the bike. So.. even though I usually start the run with a much slower pace, my legs wanted to go faster. The rest of my body, however, wasn’t feeling it.. I developed a rather painful stitch that lasted the entire run. Eventually, my legs caught up with the rest of my body, and I started to feel a little worst for wears. First my lower legs, then that pain left to make way for my quads, a little in my knees, but a lot of pain in my right hip. I did a lot more walking than I wanted to, but it would seem that I just wasn’t ready to run 10k. Towards the end, I was feeling a little dejected on the run, but started using another runner to pace me. Probably the only reason I finished stronger than I was feeling in the middle of the run.RESULTS:

Run run run...

Swim – 0:27:05 (2nd place – 0:27:04)
T1 – 6:04 (2nd place – 4:48)
Bike – 1:23:06 (2nd place – 1:26:15)
T2 – 0:52 (2nd place – 1:30)
Run – 0:59:16 (2nd place – 0:58:34)

TOTAL: 2:56:24 (2nd place – 2:55:13)
3rd in AG (F25-29), 10/21 Female, 74/105 Overall

FINISH LINE!! (liquids and food)

YAY! Podium!! If I was just a tiny bit faster.. I would have gotten 2nd. Maybe if I pushed a little bit harder on the run.. but.. ALAS… we can’t live in a world of “what if”s and “could have been”s. Compared to last year.. I was a little bit faster, but the main improvement was on the swim. I’m happy with that. Just shows that a year of training (partial training and slacking off ) has paid off a little bit. Now.. imagine what next year will be like when I actually FOCUS on training.


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