On the Trails: Santiago Truck Trail to the Luge

Last last Saturday (March 12), Minh and I were out volunteering as flaggers for the Santiago Canyon Time Trial. I’ve considered actually participating in the race, but I’m so slow going through the canyon that I’d probably start first and end up last to cross the line.

Manning the "Tunnel"

Since we were out in the area, we decided to get a nice mountain biking ride in. Minh let me choose the trail (like he always does.. except this time he didn’t say: “Are you sure you want to do that trail.. ??”). I decided on Santiago Truck Trail to the Flagpole, then down the Luge. I’ve never been up to the Flagpole and never ridden down the Luge, so it was all new to me. The ride was actually pretty tough. First, you have to climb up Modjeska Grade Road, which is no easy feat. It’s steep and long. I managed ok with my granny gear, but Minh had to walk quite a bit of it since he’s running a 1×9 on his mountain bike.

Once you get past that devil of a climb, then it’s fairly “easy” climbing to the top. There are some steep sections, but it’s mostly rideable if you’re in shape. I can’t remember if Minh said it was worst or easier than Blackstar, but I was dying. There were several times that Minh said we should turn back because of my unsteady heavy breathing (I think he was afraid I was going to throw up), but I told him to keep going. We took several breaks, but eventually made it to the TOP!

First time at the Flagpole.. signed my name and everything...

The view is pretty nice at the top too.

View from the Top.. pretty nice if you ignore the smog..

Now it was time for the “fun” part. I have to say that for me, going down the Luge was fun, even though I went really slowly. It’s the longest stretch of technical single-track that I’ve ever done, but in the end, I kinda loved it. Once I get a better grip on my bike handling skills, I think I could take it a lot faster and make it even more fun (maybe add some elbow and knee pads in there). Minh, on the otherhand, didn’t enjoy it so much.. but he also doesn’t really like downhills or singletrack… or really mountain biking for that matter.

One thought on “On the Trails: Santiago Truck Trail to the Luge

  1. I’ve done that ride twice and both times I’m eaten in on the Luge. It scares me, but I’m not a fan a singletracks so go figure. A few weeks ago Skyler and I rode up STT and then down the same way. It was a fun ride.

    I really wanted to do the time trial, but it was the same day as the OC Chili run. Next time we can do it together, even if we’re the slowest.

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