Roaring 20’s – Looking back on a decade

With my 30th birthday coming soon (only two weeks away!), I thought I would take some time to reflect back on my 20s. I wanted to take this moment to share some of my memories and achievements over the last decade.

  1. Graduating from Cal Poly Pomona
  2. Graduating from the George Washington University
  3. Starting a career
  4. Getting  engaged
  5. Getting married
  6. Adopting a shelter dog
  7. Moving to the UK
  8. Traveling around the world 
  9. Learning that “working out” can actually be fun and rewarding – mountain biking, triathlons, marathons, road biking, rockclimbing, kayaking, etc.
  10. Jumping off or out of high places – bungee jumping and skydiving
  11. Started blogging here and over there

It’s been a whirl-wind 10 years, and so much has happened. But I’m really looking forward to the next 10 years.. moving back to the US, starting a family, making our house a home, and creating countless memories with my friends and family on this journey called LIFE.

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